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Learn how to create a context-dependent, and feedback-driven approach to organizational transformation: Agility In The Enterprise

International Certification: 


(ICAgile Business Agility track)

Virtual Workshop, European time zone

14, 17, 21, 24 and 28 November 2022



“Learning by Doing” methodology. Dynamic sessions to share and experience what you have learned

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why choose this certification?


You will obtain the international certificate of Agility in the Enterprise endorsed by ICAgile and the Voyager level of Lean Change Management.


We live in a time when environments are changing rapidly because of the global developments. Obtaining key understanding about how to introduce agility in across a company is crucial for survival and success in the workplace.


This certified workshop has been designed by Jason Little, Ryan Behrman, Alejandra Arocha and Patrick Verdonk, reference leaders in Lean Change Management, within the Agile world.


Although Patrick lives and works in Spain, he spend most of his professional career in international, multinational environments with English as the day-to-day business language.

This INTERACTIVE certification is FOR YOU IF

  • You are involved in or want to expand your knowledge about Agile in an Organizational context, either as an Agile Coach, Change Manager or Change Agent......

  • You lead teams in a company on its journey to organizational agility......

  • You want to learn the basics of how complexity, culture, structure, leadership and processes influence Enterprise Agility......

  • You want to increase your added value in the role you play and improve your confidence in your chosen approach to achieving goals......

  • You are looking for inspiration based on the latest guidelines to generate real agility in your organization......


In this workshop, we’ll explore

  • How organizational systems enhance and hinder agility

  • How to influence change directly and indirectly

  • How to swim with the organizational currents towards positive change, and how to know when to swim against them

  • Why diverse culture and leadership styles create the natural and positive friction that moves transformations forward

  • The delicate dance between structure and culture

  • Visual facilitation techniques and a variety of Lean Change Management tools, ideas and practices

Lean Change Management's Voyager challenge

Much like our other workshops, don’t expect to have PowerPoint slides read to you! We’ll walk you through an interactive experience rooted in helping three organizations merge through an agile transformation.

To make the workshop a coherent experience a selection has been made between many available models, concept, methods and practices. More details have been gathered in the Student Handbook which will be provided in advance to the workshops.

This remote workshop of Agility in the Enterprise with Lean Change Management (ICP-ENT) is accredited by ICAgile and is designed to teach participants how to use Lean Change Management thinking to approach an Organizational Agility.

It consists of 5 interactive remote sessions with the facilitator and the group to obtain the ICAgile ICP-ENT certification.

4 of the sessions will be dedicated to learning materials, the last session is designed to work out a Use Case to apply the learned concepts.

To receive the official certificates, participants must attend and actively participate in all sessions, with the camera on.

Business and Complexity

Session 1

This foundational track kicks off the workshop to give you a basic understanding of internal and external forces that shape our transformations.

We will in a world where it’s become more important to focus on internal processes and how your organization dances within the ecosystem in which it exists.


  • Introduction to Complexity

  • Introduction to Lean

  • Introduction to Business Agility

Organizing the Organization

Session 2

This track is about the four basic tenants of organizational design:

  • How do we choose to group people?

  • How do we link groups together?

  • How do we align multiple groups toward a higher purpose?

  • How do we know if it’s working?


  • Organizational Structures and Design

  • Organizational Processes

  • Agile Scaling Frameworks

Disruption and Change

Session 3

Today’s organizations have much less control over their destiny than they used to. The entry barrier into established markets continues to lower, and more leaders want to see significant culture shifts in their organizations.


  • Understanding Organizational Culture

  • Organizational Interventions

  • Metrics that Matter

Unleashing People

Session 4

It’s the diversity of thought and leadership styles that creates the friction that moves transformation forward. This track focuses on understanding and respecting the similarities and differences between people.


  • Understanding Leadership Styles

  • Modern People

  • Technical Excellence in Change

case study

Session 5

An opportunity to apply learnings by helping merge 3 organizations together through an agile transformation.

The case study is a subgroup assignment with multiple check-in and progress comparing moments throughout the morning.

The objective is to use concrete practices from the first 8 sessions to come up with a "how to...", in the last part we'll consolidate the ideas and work into one document. This document will of course be available for all the participants: for you, made by you!!

upcoming session and price

All group sessions are 4 hours long, and using Zoom, with a 30min break in the middle.

The course content is distributed over 5 mornings. The first 4 mornings we'll pass through a theme each. On the last morning you'll work through the Case Study in sub-groups.

It is highly recommended to have 1-2 years of experience working in an Agile and/or Change Management environment.

Other tools we use include: Miro, Metro Retro.

14,17,21,24,28 november
9:00-13:30 cet

'Get-it-now' price: € 695
regular price: € 745

Includes the cost for the ICAgile certificate

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who facilitates this certification program?

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Patrick Verdonk 


Consultant and facilitator, specialist in change processes, agility and remote work. He has spent his working life in roles as team leader, change agent, internal consultant in international and multinational teams in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany and now Spain.

With more than two decades of experience in international projects related to change management and agility, he is dedicated to advising and developing companies, in addition to undertaking and managing teams with a focus on people.


He holds certifications in Agility: Lean Change Management, ICP-CAT, ICP-ENT, ICP-AHR, Management 3.0 and Work Together Anywhere.