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14 books – practical knowledge for Coaching Agile Transitions.

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A perspective: Coaching Agile Transitions goes beyond ‘Agile’ only, it is all about our approach to Change Management.

When I ordered yet another book this weekend, I wondered why it seemed so logical to me to pick that one. I believe that practical experience is a must have to learn about different perspectives and contexts, though having broad knowledge at hand to understand what to apply when and how is just as important. So I listed 14 books that I’ve read, use and obtained practical knowledge from:

Books that can provide actionable knowledge for those that are Coaching Agile Transitions.

Books to Change the way we can help People and Organizations Change in modern times.

To cope with change in modern times, companies must strengthen their resilience (The Ambidextrous Organization – Jens Maier), their capacity to evolve (Adaptive Capacity – Juan Carlos Eichholz). They must reinvent themselves (Kill the Company – Lisa Bodell) to thrive, more than ever in modern history.

There is no such thing left as a lasting competitive advantage or business strategies that can be planned over the course of 3, or even 2, years. We must understand our business world is systemic (Thinking in Systems – Donella H. Meadows), question all we do (Corporate Jester – David T. Riveness), and realize that our culture is what makes us great (Organizational Culture Change – Marcella Bremer).

However, we can’t change others without starting with ourselves (Kaizen – Sarah Harvey), accept we’re all in charge for the development of our colleagues and company (Management 3.0 – Jurgen Appelo) from wherever we prefer our workplace to be (Work Together Anywhere – Lisette Sutherland).

Once we frame existing ideas about change (How to Change the World– Jurgen Appelo) we can put them in a broader perspective (Leading Exponential Change – Erich R. Bühler) and choose the framework suitable for the context we work in (Choose Your WoW – Scott Ambler and Mark Lines).

All of this presumes that we, as common-sense Agile Coaches, understand that Coaching Agile Transitions is all about  Changing the way we approach and execute Change, about knowing how to make change happen (Lean Change Management – Jason Little) and to be contextually open to what to change (Corporate Rebels – Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree) and when.

Which other books would you consider that can contribute to  my perspective of practical, common-sense agility?

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